MegaShape is a spline object system. It allows the user to build shapes using knots and control the shape with handles on each knot. These shapes can then be used for camera paths, Ai or used in other systems such as MegaFiers to define deformation paths or in a scatter system to define areas to be filled. To use you can create an empty object in the scene and add the MegaShape script to it and then click add knot to build the spline up. Or you can select one of the helper shapes include in the system such as Star or Circle to get you started and add and remove knots or change their tangents, positions etc from there. Each knot can be selected and moved by left clicking on the knot of handle and dragging to get the desired shape. There is an option to close the shape as well.

Another option for building splines is to use 3DS Max and use the MegaShapes custom exporter to export the shapes and any animation data and then use the ‘Load’ button in the inspector to import that data directly into Unity, this allows you to use the extensive shape editing methods in Max as well as the animation systems to get complex paths for say camera paths into Unity.

To add a shape go to the GameObject Menu then Create Other then Mega Shapes, and select the start shape you want. Or there is a Mega Shapes window under the Windows menu which you can dock if you like. The system also comes with an exporter for 3ds Max to allow for easy export of shapes and any shape animations to Unity. Also included are scripts to allow objects to move along the splines with control over rotation etc similar to the path controllers in Max. This system is included in the MegaFiers system.


MegaShapes Basic is included in the MegaFiers system

Included Starter Shapes


If you have 3DS Max make sure to ask for the exporter so you can get your shapes from Max into Unity

Video showing export of shape from Max & Animation