MegaWires Introduction

MegaWires is an Editor extension that makes it very easy to add fully dynamic wires, cables or ropes to your games. Draw out your path and select your pole type from one of the 42 included or use your own pole objects and then with one click have full physics controlled wires strung between all the connections, even add a Wind object for even more realism.

Connection Helper
The system comes with various components that make adding dynamic wires, ropes or cables to your scene easy. You can either select your objects that already exist in the scene and then have wires created between them, or you can lay out a complete path and ask the system to position your selected pole object along that path, you are free to add extra path points or move points around and the system will automatically update the wires for you. If you are a user of our MegaShapes system you can even use the splines created in that package for positioning your poles. The system allows you to have the poles automatically snap to the surface of any objects that are under it and there are options for adding in variations to positioning, rotation etc to give just the look and feel you are after.

Attached Bird
There are helper scripts included that allow you to define wire connection points on any object, and you can define any number of connection points for complex wiring cases. Or you can use one of the different pole types included in the system, we have included 6 different pole objects each one with 7 different textures given a total of 42 different pole types to choose from. We have also added extra objects such as supports and two types of transformers to add extra detail to your scene. Those included poles come with wire connection points predefined so making fully dynamic wires in your scene is just a matter of a couple of clicks.

Hanging Sign
Once you have your wires in the scene you can add the Wind object to allow those wires to sway and move realistically to add further interest to your project. You have complete control over the Wind force and direction as well as turbulence and strength and direction variations. Also included are two helper scripts to allow you to attach objects to your wires, so making it easy to add birds perched on the wires or to hang swinging rigid body objects that cause the wires to sag under the weight.

Mega Wires
The system uses a heavily optimized custom physics system for super fast performance, plus the system has a LOD system to allow you to disable any wire based on distance from the camera, but the system will automatically handle waking up of any wires that are sleeping if a pole they are attached to moves etc. And along with the meshing options you can have wires all over your scene with little or no CPU use making it suitable for mobile game projects as well.

Included Objects

Included Objects

Included with MegaWires are 6 different pole objects and for each one you can choose from one of seven different materials giving in total 42 different poles ready to be used in your scene, also included are some extra objects such as support poles and two different types of transformers you can add to your poles in the scene. We hope to add more objects and pylons to the system over time. All the included pole objects have wire connection points pre defined for you.

Included Components

As well as the 42 different pole prefabs included with the system comes with various scripting components to extend the functionality of the system or make the generation or wires and poles easier, below are links to the various included components that come with MegaWires.


Some of the features of the MegaWires system, we plan on adding new systems and more features as well as more pole object types, textures and support objects.

Super Fast custom Physics
Works with All versions of Unity
42 Pole Objects included, 6 pole types with 7 textures
Full source code
LOD system to disable wires
Automatic waking of physics on pole movement
Wind system with turbulence and variation
Attach Objects to Wires for swinging signs
Path Drawing system
Complete control over mesh creation
UV Mapping options
Have wires detach and attach themselves

Introduction to MegaWires

This video shows the basic functionality of the MegaWires Pole Planting system and automatic wire builder.
Click to Play

MegaWires Physics and Meshing basic options

This video shows some of the physics and meshing options available in the system.
Click to Play

Version History

    MegaWires made fully Unity 2017 compatible
    MegaWires made fully Unity 5.6 compatible
    Fixed a bug where poles were not being deleted correctly if the Plant Pole object name was changed.
    Adding a wire object that was made into a prefab to a scene will now work correctly.
    Updated for all depreciated methods etc for Unity 5.3 and 5.4
    The Run Physics button will now work on a wire system with a single span.
    Fixed bug of poles not being deleted when a pole object with no wire connections is selected.
    Fixed an exception when building poles with no wires attached.
    Small optimization to the wire physics.
    Added new collision option to use raycasts for better collisions with the world
    Added layer mask option to raycast collsion to choose layers to hit.
    Added offset value for the raycast collision system to allow you to raise the wires of hit surfaces.
    Uploaded Unity 5 version with final fixes.
    Optimised the physics code for nearly double the speed.
    Made changes for Unity 5.
    Added support for using MegaFlow sources as wind inputs MegaWireFlowWind.
    Fixed the bug that stopped changes in the stretch value on the plant poles being passed to the actual wires.
    Fixed warnings about obsolete methods in Unity 4.5 and 4.6
    Fixed the bug that stopped the poles being planted on MegaShape splines.
    Added PDF docs file.
    Wire window now shows arrows and spacing details.
    Pole Planter now preserves wire settings if you change any settings on exisiting wire.
    Pole Planter will only delete Wire objects from the children list so you can add your own child objects without them getting destroyed if you update the Pole Planter settings
    Objects attached to planted poles will now work correctly if plant poles values change.
    First Release.

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