FFD stands for Free-Form Deformation. The FFD modifier surrounds the selected geometry with a lattice. By adjusting the control points of the lattice, you deform the enclosed geometry. There are three FFD modifiers, each providing a different lattice resolution: 2x2x2, 3x3x3, and 4x4x3. The 3x3x3 modifier, for example, provides a lattice with three control points across each of its dimensions or nine on each side of the lattice. The FFD modifier is powerful and can be used for a lot of deformations and is a very common tool in high end 3D Packages, a lot of cartoon effects can be done with this modifier especially if combined with some scripting of the control points, for example damage to cars can be done by moving the points.

The gizmo for the FFD modifiers shows a red lattice around the mesh with yellow handles for the points, you can click and drag these points to deform the mesh.


You can return the lattice to its original position by right clicking the Inspector FFD foldout bar and clicking ‘Reset’

FFD Param Description


Draw the control points and gizmo in edit mode, allows user to drag points.


Relationship of knotsize to lattice grid size.


Only deform points that lie inside the source volume.


Click this foldout to show the point array for the FFD so you can manually enter values.

FFD Class

public class MegaFFD : MegaModifier
    public bool      DrawGizmos;
    public float     KnotSize;
    public bool      inVol;
    public Vector3[] pt;

FFD Tutorial

Video of FFD

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