The Taper modifier produces a tapered contour by scaling both ends of an object’s geometry; one end is scaled up, and the other is scaled down. You can control the amount and curve of the taper on two sets of axes. You can also limit the taper to a section of the geometry.

Taper Param description


The extent to which the ends are scaled.


Applies a curvature to the sides of the Taper gizmo, thus affecting the shape of the tapered object. Positive values produce an outward curve along the tapered sides, negative values an inward curve. At 0, the sides are unchanged.


Swivel amount around axis.


The central axis or spine of the taper: X, Y, or Z.


The axis, or pair of axes, indicating the direction of the taper from the primary axis. The available choices are determined by the choice of primary axis.


Produces a symmetrical taper around the primary axis. A taper is always symmetrical around the effect axis.

Do Region

Limit effect to a region.


Start of region.


End of region.

Taper Class

public class MegaTaper : MegaModifier
    public float            amount;
    public bool             doRegion;
    public float            to;
    public float            from;
    public float            dir;
    public MegaAxis         axis;
    public MegaEffectAxis   EAxis;
    public float            crv;
    public bool             sym;

Taper Tutorial


  • PreciousL


    How would you go about keeping this component's World Space rotation at 0,0,0 as the object rolls? On a side note, GetComponent(MegaTaper) in javascript is proving error prone for me. I moved the Script files to the Plugins folder, but it still isn't recognizing. Any tips? Thank you.

  • spookycat


    Interesting question, you would probably need to get the inversion quaternion of the rotation, and from that get the euler angles and put those in the Gizmo Rot values. There is also the Taper Warp which you could attach to a parent object that doesn't rotate and then bind the object to that, then it would be free to rotate inside the Taper Warp. Not sure why you are getting an issue with MegaTaper and javascript, there is nothing special about it, is it just MegaTaper?

    • PreciousL


      Thank you very much for your help. I will try your suggestion. As for the MegaTaper javascript issue, I'm pretty sure it is on my side. Thanks.

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