Terrain Plugin texture grab not working?

If you are not getting any results when doing a texture grab first make sure you have copied the TerrainLink.exe file into the same folder as the Terrain dlo file. Next the grab process can take quite a while to complete depending on resolution and your internet connection, and if you try and start a second grab before the first has completed then Google Earth will get confused as it will have two tasks asking it to move to different places and the grab process will stall. If that is happening start the Task Manager and terminate any TerrainLink processes that are running before starting a new grab. When a grab is working you will see Google Earth start to move over the area you are capturing, the grab process is complete when Google Earth stops moving and the internet busy icon shows no activity. Also make sure Google Earth is already running before starting a grab. It is also sometimes possible that the install of Google Earth does not correctly set the registry keys needed to start the Google Earth process from its GUID, this may require a reinstall of GE.

If the grab process is completing but you only have a black, white or repeated tile texture then that is a driver issue on some 3d cards and the Aero desktop in Windows, if you disable the Aero desktop and then start a new grab it should work fine. Some users also report switching to or from D3D and OpenGL mode fixes that.