Full Sail

Some of the features of Full Sail

Full Sail is a shader based system that will add great looking wind effects to your ship sails, castle banners or other cloth type objects. All the animation and deformation is done via a shader making it super fast in any project. Easily have 100’s of full animated sails in your scene.

Full Sail offers a wide variety of options to control the look of your sails. Sails can taper in or out, be sheared. The sides can be arched or even be told to arch only when the sail is full of wind. You have complete control over how the sail is fixed to any object and also how the sail moves when the wind blows. How much the sails ripple and the type of ripple is also controllable.

Another advanced feature especially for ships is the ability to have the sails furl themselves away. Again you have complete control over how this happens via simple textures.

You can apply emblems to the sails, and you can control if that emblem appears on the back of the sail easily as well. Also you can add color the emblem easily and add emissive color to have the emblems glow if you wish.

Some more features

If your project means sails can get damaged then we have that supported as well, each sail can have its own damage settings and textures, so holes can appear, or sails can look shredded.

The shader also supports bump mapping and translucency (not on URP) so your sails can look great with the sun behind them.

Full Sail comes with some sail meshes included to get you started or you can add your own. Also included is a set of sail textures, damaged sail textures and various controlling textures for attaching the sail and for the furling effects.

Also included are systems to build the various textures used by the shader to control the sail movement and furling.

Full Sail can also be used for other simple cloth type objects such as banners, washing hanging on a lines and so on.

Full Sail has versions of the shaders for Builtin, HDRP and URP pipelines. Shader graphs for HDRP and URP are also include along with all source code. Also included are some helper scripts to show how you can control the sails in your game project.

Note: URP does not currently support the translucent part of the shader.

If you check the images of the Sailing ship above all the sails on the ship are the same mesh and material, all the different shapes, colors, styles, effects are controlled by shader overrides and material property blocks.

Sail Impacts

Full Sail is available now on our store page.

Full Sail - Single Seat
Price: $50

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