MegaFiers – 2 Released

MegaFiers - 2 Single Seat
Price: $150

This is our all new version of our very popular MegaFiers asset for Unity 2019 onwards. It features a complete rewrite of all the core systems to make use of Unity Burst and Jobs which brings between 5 and 40 times less CPU use for all the deformations.


If you own MegaFiers and need to Upgrade to MegaFiers – 2 Please contact us for a reduced price

MegaFiers is complete Mesh deformation, animation and Morphing system including over 50 modifiers such as Bend, Twist, FFD, Displace, Taper and many more. They can be stacked in any combination and any number of modifiers can be applied to a mesh to achieve complex results. Objects can stretch, squash or be bent over of deformed, whatever your imagination allows. Or use the Space Warps to automatically deform your objects as they moved through areas in space. Other additions to the suite include Point Cache animation support, and a dynamic water ripple and floating object system.

All deformations work in Editor Mode as well as Play Mode so you can use the deformers to add variety to your models when building your scene.

MegaFiers is also ideal for deforming TextMeshPro objects (both Mesh and now UI versions) so you can animate your text in interesting ways. And also works with ProBuilder allowing you to create more interesting levels directly inside Unity. And a new feature is the ability to use the Modifiers to deform Sprites.

Another powerful feature is our Mesh Wrap system which allows one mesh to be deformed and animated by another, making it ideal for clothing etc. The wrap system also works with Unity Blendshapes and skinned meshes. MegaWrap has also been rewritten to use Jobs and Burst for more than 5 times speedup.

MegaFiers is written in C# and all source code is included, and supports all Unity Platforms that also support Burst and Jobs. Compatible with all versions of Unity from 2019 onwards and works on IOS and Android as well as VR and AR platforms. MegaFiers also is fully compatible with all Unity Rendering pipelines. We also constantly update the asset for all new releases of Unity. And if you have an idea for a Modifier let us know or write your own.

Also included is an advanced spline system which also allows for path following or conversion of splines to meshes, a dynamic hose system and a system for tracked vehicles.

New Features

  • Full rewrite of all core systems
  • Rewrite for Unity 2019.1 and newer
  • All modifiers converted to use Unity Burst and jobs.
  • Create Blendshapes from Deformations
  • Drive High Poly model deformations from a low res model for faster deformations
  • Works alongside your existing Blendshapes
  • New normal calculation system using Burst that is as fast as the Unity calc normals but preserves groups etc
  • Rewritten to use Burst and Jobs for between 5 to 50 times performance improvement
  • New auto disable system which will detect when a mesh does not need updating
  • Virtually no slow down when editing scenes with lots of modifiers
  • Seemless integration into Unity prefab system
  • Copying of objects now just works
  • Undo system fully functional
  • Animation window properly detects changes for easier animation of deformations
  • All workarounds for previous versions of Unity removed, streamlining the systems and improving performance
  • Wrap system updated and working with Burst for 5 times performance improvement
  • Path deform modifiers now uses Burst for spline interpolations gaining 20 times performance boost
  • Attractor modifier also makes use of Burst for finding nearest point on splines for 10 times boost in perfomance
  • Sprite deformation system, now you can stretch, squash, bend your Unity sprites.
  • 2D FFD/Lattice modifiers specially for working with sprite
  • Full Text Mesh Pro support, both mesh and UI versions, updates with changes etc. Deform your UI text or 3d text.
  • Group deform support, deform multiple objects as one.
  • Support for deforming ProBuilder objects.
  • Improved Scroll making system, automatic setup.
  • Add your own modifiers.
  • Use low poly meshes to drive deformation of high poly ones
  • Works on all Graphic Pipelines
  • Works on Unity Platforms including VR and AR
  • Reorder modifier stack by dragging components in inspector
  • Proxy Mesh Collider option for faster collider updates
  • Improved worflow with simple dropdown box for adding modifiers
  • Quick edit area showing main params for all attached modifiers and quick disable/enable
  • Limit Deformations to parts of Meshes using Vertex Color weighting

Other Features

  • Conform meshes to terrains or ground objects
  • Procedural box mesh
  • MegaShapes Lite Bezier spline system
  • Import animated splines directly from 3ds max
  • Make animated Splines inside Unity with our Spline Keyframe system
  • Turn splines into line meshes with spline to line/tubes or fill to mesh options
  • Spline exporters available for 3ds Max, Maya and Blender.
  • Kml, SVG, OSM spline import support
  • Wrap Mesh, wrap a mesh to a deforming mesh, great for clothing or facial hair etc
  • Animated Book
  • Attach objects to deforming mesh surfaces
  • Paper Scroll System
  • Bezier Patch image deform
  • Spline Path Follow System, objects, Rigid Bodies, Character Controller
  • Draw Spline at runtime system
  • Animated Hoses, connect two objects with deforming animating hose
  • Tracked Vehicle system
  • Train Follow system
  • Train Tracks system
  • Camera Orbit script

Included 50+ Modifiers

  • Bezier Attractor
  • Bend
  • Bubble
  • Bulge
  • Collision Deform
  • Conform
  • Conform Multi
  • Crumple
  • Curve Deform
  • Curve Sculpt
  • Curve Scult Layered
  • Cylindrify
  • Deformable
  • Displace
  • Displace Limits
  • Displace Web Cam
  • Displace Render target
  • Dynamic Ripple
  • FFD 2x2x2
  • FFD 3x3x3
  • FFD 4x4x4
  • 2D versions of FFD for Sprites
  • Globe
  • Hit Deform
  • Hump
  • Melt
  • Noise
  • Page Flip
  • Paint
  • Path Deform
  • Pivot Adjust
  • Point Cache
  • Push
  • Radial Skew
  • Relax
  • Ripple
  • Rolled
  • Rope Deform
  • Rubber
  • Scale
  • Simple Mod
  • Sinus Curve
  • Skew
  • Spherify
  • Squeeze
  • Stretch
  • Taper
  • Tree Bend
  • Twist
  • Vertex Anim
  • Vert Noise
  • Wave
  • Waving
  • World Path Deform

Space Warps

  • Bend
  • Bubble
  • Cylindrify
  • FFD 2x2x2
  • FFD 3x3x3
  • FFD 4x4x4
  • Globe
  • Hump
  • Melt
  • Noise
  • Ripple
  • Sinus Curve
  • Skew
  • Spherify
  • Squeeze
  • Stretch
  • Taper
  • Twist
  • Wave
  • Waving
  • ZStretch Noise

Technical Details

  • Written using Unitys Jobs and Burst
  • All C# source code included
  • Works on all Graphics Pipelines
  • Works on all Platforms including VR and AR
  • Works on all versions of Unity from 2019.4 onwards
  • Full API for Spline system
  • Full API for the Modifier system
  • Zero Garbage Collection

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