Terrain News

The USGS website has turned of direct access to the the SRTM data stream used by the Terrain Plugin, so until we can arrange a new direct streaming source you can still use the plugin by directly downloading the DEM files either from the USGS Earth Explorer website or from sites such as http://viewfinderpanoramas.org/Coverage%20map%20viewfinderpanoramas_org3.htm

When you download the data the filename should be in the format of N32E037.hgt.zip for example so if you get a file called N32E037.hgt then you will need to zip that up and make sure the name is right. Once you have the file just put it in the ‘User’ folder of the ‘Cache’ folder for the Terrain Plugin, the plugin will always look in this folder before trying to download any data, this is also how you can add your own higher res data or missing data such a Polar regions, sea bed data etc. You can find where the Cache folder is on your machine by clicking the the ‘Cache Path’ button on the Terrain Rollup.

Check back to see when there is a new version of the plugin with a new data source available.

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