Adding Assets to my Patreon Page

Over the last few weeks I have been going back through old projects and demos and saw that there were a lot of systems that would not really make full blown Assets, although there are a fair few that would as well, but people might find useful. I will be uploading these on my Patreon page along with 3d objects and other bits as I find them. The first two small systems are up and they are from The Steampunk demo I did a long time back for MegaFiers.

The first Asset is the Nixie Tube display system for writing messages in Nixie tubes. The system takes a string input or a list of strings and will scroll through the string or the lines and the text can be displayed on any number of tubes. The asset includes the scripts as well as the 3d objects, materials and textures.

The second system is a very simple one to display the correct time on watches or clocks, it will move the hands to show the correct time and for a clock will swing a pendulum, again the asset includes the scripts as well as 3d models of a clock and a pocket watch with textures and sounds.

I have dozens of other systems to post so keep an eye out. You can see the Nixie system and the watch in the video below.

Professor MacSpeedees Test Lab

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