MegaFiers update v3.46

We have recently submitted an update to the asset store, and below you will find a list of bug fixes, new features and improvements from version v3.40 which we lasted posted about here. This makes MegaFiers fully compatible with Unity 2018.1 and 2018.2, also rewritten the Wrap system so is now almost instantly generates the mapping data for wrapping the mesh instead of sometimes taking several seconds for complex meshes. MegaFiers now also builds correctly for the Hololens platform. And a small fix to the Create Mega Prefab system which could mean some prefabs could look wrong when added to a scene.

Changes since v3.40
    Fixed the missing GUI call in the Point Cache Animator Inspector script that could cause Unity to crash.
    Fixed the missing GUI call in the Morph Animator Inspector script that could cause Unity to crash.
    Added option to Point Cache modifier to ignore first frame in playback, since some mdd files seem to save a pose frame as frame 0.
    Fixed bug in MegaHose and MegaHoseNew which could cause Hose mesh to update every frame.
    Some changes for latest Unity 2018.2 release.
    Complete rewrite of the MegaWrap mapping system, now takes less than a second for complex meshes as opposed to an hour in some cases.
    Remove some unused objects from the package
    MegaFiers now works with the Hololens platform.
    MegaFiers updated to be compatible with Unity 2018.1
    Removed unused assets from the package
    Fixed a bug where some modifiers would look wrong after being added into a scene from a prefab.
    Fixed an issue in Unity 2017.2 that stopped the spline knots from being moved.

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