MegaFiers update v3.40

We have recently submitted an update to the asset store, and below you will find a list of bug fixes, new features and improvements from version v3.34 which we lasted posted about here. This makes MegaFiers fully compatible with Unity 2017.2 and 2017.3, we have improved the OBJ Cache system and made it easier to import sequences. The Undo feature for working with splines has also been updated and improved to make editing splines nicer, and few other small fixes and improvements.

Changes since v3.34
    Added inverse option to Volume Selection modifier to invert the selection.
    Added inverse option to the Multi volume selection modifier to invert the selection.
    Small optimisation to the volume selection modifiers.
    MegaFiers is now fully compatible with Unity 2017.3
    MegaFiers is now fully compatible with Unity 2017.2
    MegaCache OBJ seq import now works if the file names are just numbers.
    SVG importer updated to handle SVG files with ‘ ‘ separators as well as ‘,’.
    Added an Align option to Bez Patch object which will automatically position non corner control points to be aligned with the edges.
    Added Init Lattice context menu option to reset the Lattice points on a bez patch object.
    Added Align context menu option to Bez Patch object to align non corner control points.
    The Undo for MegaShapes now recognises adding and deleting of knots as well other the other options that change the spline such as Autocurve, scale etc.
    Fixed bug in Make Prefab where if a mesh was deformed when prefab was made it would be double deformed when the prefab was added to a scene.
    Removed an object from the demo scene with an invalid vertex that would stop the demo scene building on Mobile platforms.
    Changed file sequence importers to work without need for split character or format number, so now works correctly.
    Updated OBJ file importer to be able to handle negative indices.
    Changed OBJ material importer so you wont get an error if Material texture map fields are empty in the OBJ file.
    MegaCache made fully Unity 2017 compatible.
    Stopped MegaCache OBJ animated system from animating in edit mode.
    Fixed a problem with importing materials.
    MegaCache now fully compatible with Unity 5.6
    Changed various importers to work around the Monobehaviour bug for StringReader making importing of files with Unix line endings very very slow.
    OBJ Material importer will now create Standard Shader materials instead of Legacy shaders.
    Added an error message when trying to import an OBJ file which contains faces with more than 4 sides, the OBJ importer only supports quads and tris.
    MegaCache now fully compatible with Unity 5.5
    Improved the material importer so will use names in mtllib instead of expecting same filenames as obj files.
    Option added to force calculation of normals on import, this will override any normals in the OBJ files.
    OBJ files which contain no normals will now have normals calculated on import.
    Material importer now removes any ‘:’ found in the material names, ‘:’ can not be used in asset names in Unity.
    Material importer now defaults alpha value to 1 instead of 0 is alpha component missing, this stops meshes from being invisible after import.
    Fixed bug where mesh would not display if multiple materials were found in the OBJ sequence but load materials is not selected.
    MegaCache is fully 5.4 compatible.
    Added option to update mesh collider for Object Cache.

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