MegaFiers update v3.34

We have made quite a few improvements and bug fixes to our MegaFiers asset since version 3.25, below you will see a complete list of what new but amongst the changes are big improvements to the spline system included in MegaFiers making it easier to use and getting better results with a new auto smoothing system. We have also made MegaFiers fully compatible with Unity 5.6 and Unity 2017.

Changes since v3.25
    Changed animation system to stop animated modifiers from updating in edit mode when not playing.
    Took out the check to only update modified objects if selected which was causing unexpected effects and objects not updating when dependencies were changed.
    MegaFiers made Unity 2017 compatible.
    Changes made for the latest Unity 5.6 obsolete methods for the final release of Unity 5.6
    Added new options to the BezPatch system to allow for better control over the animation system.
    Size value now works for FFD handles.
    Gizmo col alpha will effect FFD handles.
    Stopped all MegaModify objects in the scene being updated when editing another.
    Fixed FFD handles not changing mesh while dragging.
    Added experimental Hit Deform modifier for deformations when your object hits something.
    Fixed a problem with the Position handles when editing splines.
    Splines now default to Free Handle mode for editing.
    Fixed problem when building for Windows App platform with the OBJ Exporter.
    MegaShapes is fully 5.6 compatible.
    Added new improved spline smoothing, you can now choose between old and new smoothing modes in the Shape Inspector. New method will produce a perfectly smooth spline through all the control points.
    Added option to auto smooth the spline when you drag a knot, this will recalc the knot control points if you have changed any.
    Rewritten the spline editing bit, making it easier to select and move spline knots and handles.
    Move gizmos are now only shown for the currently selected knot.
    To edit a spline knot you just need to click the green sphere for the point you want to edit, that will then select that point.
    Option to freeze y movement when editing spline points, useful if using the free move handle type.
    No need to click and drag mid point gizmos to add a new point you can now just click the circle to add a new knot.
    Move handles now point along the spline.
    Added extra circle gizmo at end of open spline for easier creation of splines by easily allowing addition of knot on the end.
    Add Undo system for spline editing, you can now undo any changes made to a splines knots by clicking the Undo Edit Spline button.
    Added option to set the max Undos that can be stored.
    Fixed bug that caused splines to get corrupted if you tried to use the Spline animation builder on a spline with an imported animation.
    Added the missing SetHandles method to the MegaShapes API.
    Mega Copy Object now works correctly for deformed meshes so that the new mesh is not predeformed.
    World Path Deform animation option works in Distance mode as well as percent mode.
    Path Deform animation option works in Distance mode as well as percent mode.
    Animation loop modes added to Path Deform and World Path deform, so you can Loop, Clamp, PingPong the animation if you want.
    Fixed an issue with the Bezier Attractor where the points array was not being initialised causing an exception.

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