MegaFiers Update

MegaFiers has been updated again, this brings numerous changes, some bug fixes and a couple of new features. Firstly we fixed a small bug in the multi threaded morphing system which meant some vertices might not be moved correctly and you might have noticed a flickering on your moprhing object, this is now fixed. We also fixed the Lattice handles not updating meshes on the FFD warp objects. We also changed the Mega Copy Object option in the GameObject menu so it will now copy objects and keep their prefab info intact. Another change is the LateUpdate option has been replaced with an UpdateMode so you can now choose from Update, LateUpdate or OnRender. This was added to make MegaFiers work nicely along side other assets that may do they mesh updates in the OnRender method such as Text Mesh Pro. And finally we had a request to add an OBJ file exporter for deforming objects, so there is now an option in the GameObject menu to export the selected object to an OBJ file, or you can add the MegaOBJExport component to your deforming object and then select a key that will export the mesh, if you select ‘Sequence’ then you can set the frame rate to capture and as long as you hold down the export key a sequence of OBJ files will be exported. You can use this to bake complex animations to an OBJ sequence which you can then use to make a Point Cache file in a 3d package or import the sequence using the version of MegaCache that is included in MegaFiers.

Changes since v3.20
    Added MegaOBJExport component so you can export a deforming mesh to an OBJ File or a sequence of OBJ Files.
    Added new item to GameObject Menu to allow you to directly export any mesh object to an OBJ file.
    Added a Scale modifier, making it easier to work with meshes that need scaling first.
    Added a new ‘Mega Duplicate Object New’ option to the GameObject menu, this will duplicate an object in the scene and preserve any prefabs and still update the meshes correctly for MegaFiers.
    Fixed bug that caused splines to get corrupted if you tried to use the Spline animation builder on a spline with an imported animation.
    FFD Warps can now be found in the same component section as the other warps instead of a different warp heading.
    Fixed issue on Unity 5.4 that dragging FFD Warp handles was not updating any object bound to that warp.
    Added UpdateMode to Modify Object, you can now choose between Update, LateUpdate or OnRender, this will change when in the render pipeline the deformations are added, Update is fine for most cases but sometimes you may need the other options, use OnRender with TextMeshPro objects for example or other procedural objects.
    Removed LateUpdate option from Mega Modify Object.
    Small optimisation to the Bend modifier.
    Fixed a bug in the multi-threaded Morph where some vertices might not be moved.
    Fixed the morph example in the demo scene not working and added more example morph channels.

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