MegaShapes Update

Multi Material Layer
We have done numerous updates to MegaShapes over the last couple of months bringing some small bug fixes and a couple of new features. We have made MegaShapes fully Unity 5.5 compatible, also added a new Hose system that works better for connecting moving and rotating objects. We fixed the collisions in the rope system so that the layer selection works correctly, optimized the Lathe mesh builder and improved the normal calculation system, and many more little bug fixes and improvements.

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Controlling Rigid Bodies with Splines

This video shows a car being controlled by a spline but still being free to go over obstacles etc.
Rigid Body Path

Terrain Blend Video

Terrain Carve

Changes since v2.12
    MegaShapes fully Unity 5.5 compatible.
    Layer field for the Rope collision field now shows all the layers correctly.
    Fixed bug with rope collisions not using the selected layer value correctly.
    Moved the New Hose system source file from the editor folder to the correct folder. You may need to delete the MegaHoseNew.cs file in the editor folder after an update.
    Added new Hose Attach system that uses the new hose system.
    Added a new version of the hose system that works correctly when end nodes are transformed or moved. Use ‘Hose New’ instead of ‘Hose’.
    Optimized the Lathe mesh builder.
    Improved the Lathe Normal calculation system so it works correctly for all cases.
    Fixed the mesh array size errors in the Lathe system when reducing the vertex count.
    Fixed the Regex error in the SVG importer when building for a Windows Store App
    Editing of splines is now disabled if an Alt key is down, stops accidental editing of splines while changing the scene view.
    Added simple demo scene showing the RBody following a path component.
    Fixed error with Spline Fill mesh when being used as a collider with zero thickness.
    MegaShapes fully compatible with Unity 5.3
    Train demo scene fixed so the train works correctly in Unity 5.x
    Fixed main demo scene where one of the lofts had its rules disabled causing an exception.
    Fixed a problem in Unity 5.x where zero length tris would cause an error and stop the collider being built.
    Fixed exception in inspector if you happen to create a spline with no knots in it.
    Added option to turn of the autosmooth when a new knot is added to the spline.
    Also added the AutoCurve option when the Add Knot button is clicked
    Fixed bug in the Lathe system where normals were pointing the wrong way

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