MegaFiers Update

We have just submitted a small update to the AssetStore and our web store. This brings a few bug fixes such as a missing Copy Object method when using the Windows App target platform, and also MegaCache missing a method on platforms that do not support multi cores. We also added the requested Morph weight option for progressive morphs, and finally did some work on the Wrap system which fixed a problem with wrap prefabs on skinned objects not work working when added back into the scene and we have also greatly sped up the wrap system to between 2 and 4 times faster. This also adds an option to use the Unity BakeMesh system for faster calculation of skinned mesh vertices which again is a lot faster but note using that option will generate GC, if you turn it off it will be a little slower but no GC will happen, hopefully Unity will fix the BakeMesh so it will reuse a mesh instead of allocating one each time in the future.

Changes since v3.09
    Fixed bug in the wrap system when using new BakedMesh option.
    More fixes for depreciated methods in Unity 5.4
    Greatly sped up the MegaWrap system, 2 to 4 times faster.
    Added option to MegaWrap to use Unity BakeMesh for faster calculation of skinned vertices, note using the Bake option is a lot faster but will generate some GC.
    Fix for MegaCache missing a method when used on a platform that does not support multi threading.
    Fixed MegaCopyObject not present on Window App platforms.
    Fixed error in SVG code on Windows App platforms.
    Changes to the Progressive Morph Weight option so works as expected now.
    Helper script MegaShapeRBodyPath.cs moved from Test Scene folder to MegaShapes folder to stop duplication if MegaFiers and MegaShapes are used together in a project.
    Added weight option to Morph channels to allow adjustment of each channels contribution to the morph, useful for progressive morphs.
    Fixed a problem with Wrapped object prefabs when they were wrapped to a skinned target causing errors and not working when added back to a scene.

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