MegaFiers Update

We have released an update for MegaFiers, this updates now allows you to use MegaFier modifiers on objects with Unity Blendshapes, so you can now have say all your facial morphs driven by your favourite lip syncing system but still have body deformations or morphs driven by MegaFiers running on top so clothing wraps etc will work with your lip synced models. We have also removed the error message you used to get when applying the MegaWrap system to an object. Also the version of MegaShapes has been brought up to date to include all the latest bug fixes and some improvements to the editing, and finally the system is fully compatible with the upcoming release of Unity 5.4 Available now on our webstore or on the asset store

Update video showing a few different modifiers being used to deform Text Mesh Pro text, click the image to play the video.

Changes since v3.03
    Updated Mesh copy functions so Unity Blendshape data is preserved.
    Stopped the mesh leak error when remapping the wrap mesh to object in the edit mode.
    Editing of splines is now disabled if an Alt key is down, stops accidental editing of splines while changing the scene view.
    Fixed error with Spline Fill mesh when being used as a collider with zero thickness.
    MegaFiers fully compatible with Unity 5.4
    Fixed a problem in Unity 5.x where zero length tris would cause an error and stop the collider being built.
    Fixed exception in inspector if you happen to create a spline with no knots in it.
    Added option to turn of the autosmooth when a new knot is added to the spline.
    Also added the AutoCurve option when the Add Knot button is clicked

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