MegaFiers Update

There is a new version of MegaFiers in the AssetStore and on our webstore, since the last update post here. This update brings a major change to the internal workings of MegaFiers improving how it manages meshes and their data, this finally stops the false error from appearing when you first add a modifier to an object and more importantly it allows MegaFiers to work correctly with dynamic meshes such as those from assets like Text Mesh Pro. If you do want to use MegaFiers with an asset that is procedurally generated or likely to change vertex counts then just check the Dynamic Mesh check box in the Modify Object inspector and the system will take care of any changes made to the mesh. Note that with Text Mesh Pro sometimes the deformation may not show on the mesh when Play Mode is exited, changing any value in the inspector though will update the view and the mesh to what it should be. We also improved the MegaWrap system to make mapping a lot faster and also offer a cancel button for the mapping process so you can more easily tweak the values, we also added the option to use Mega Normal calculations on Wrap meshes so as to preserve smoothing groups. We also made MegaFiers fully 5.3 compatible.

Please note due to the large changes to the internals of MegaFiers in this update please backup your project before updating the asset.


Changes since v2.99
    Please make a backup before updating to this version as a lot of internals have been changed.
    Removed a lot of dead code and commented out sections.
    Changed the way meshes are copied and cached to make initial setup quicker, use less memory and stops the false error that would appear when a modifier is first added to a mesh.
    Mesh changes mean system can work with assets like Text Mesh Pro which update their meshes at Start time.
    Added Dynamic Mesh option to Modify Object, turn this option on if your mesh is procedural in any way, ie text , for optimized handling of dynamic mesh data
    Re did Mega Wrap mapping so now uses a cancel progress bar, so you can stop the process and also see how long it will take.
    Greatly sped up the Wrap mapping process.
    More performance increase to come to the wrap system in future updates.
    Made changes for full compatibility with Unity 5.3
    Added beta option to MegaWrap to use the MegaNormal recalculate option to preserve smoothing groups.
    Added beta option to MegaWrapRef to use the MegaNormal recalculate option to preserve smoothing groups.

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