MegaCache Update

MegaCache Teaser
We have submitted the latest update to MegaCache to the Asset Store and our webstore, this adds a beta of a new Particle Playback system which is different from the existing Particle cache system in that it can be used to playback one shot or discreet particle effects such as explosions, the previous particle cache system is used to play back continuous particle simulations such as smoke. Also the system is fully compatible with Unity 5.

Changes since initial release

    Added option to particle import to remove particles alive in last frame from import.
    Improved particle importer to remove particles that only have one frame of data.
    Added a new Particle Playback component for direct particle playback as opposed to the emitter version, means one shot effects like explosions etc can be used as opposed to constant effects like smoke.
    Added playback component for legacy particles as well.
    Removed the unused function LoadTexture which was causing a compile error when building for webplayer.
    Fully Unity 5 compatible.
    Smoke in demo scene working correctly.
    Added a beta of a new Point Cloud import and playback system.
    Works with Unity 5
    Fixed bug in Particle Inspector
    Fixed bug in Legacy Particle Inspector
    Added a beta exporter for Blender to export Blender particle systems to MegaCache prt format.
    Fixed bug with particle importers wanting .txt extension instead of .prt generated by the Max exporter.
    Demo scene was saved using a file as a data source which would not work without the cache file. Demo scene now uses an ‘Image’ data source.
    Added option to update mesh collider for Object Cache.
    Added option to update mesh collider for Object Cache Ref.
    Added a runtime folder option for OBJ Cache files, cache files for standalone builds need to be copied the data folder for the build after the Unity build.

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