MegaFiers update

We have just updated MegaFiers again in the Assetstore and on our webstore, this brings a lot of changes since the last update news was posted here, below you will see a list of the changes, improvements and bug fixes since version 2.82.

Changes since v2.82

    Optimized the Attractor Shape modifier some more.
    Attractor shape modifier now works with multiple splines.
    Added a version of the Displace modifier that can use RenderTextures.
    Added option to World Path deform to use a distance value or percent value.
    Added option to Path deform to use a distance value or percent value.
    Tweaks to the Draw Spline components.
    Autocurve fixed so the last knots handles on an open spline are correct.
    Added a Draw Spline example script to make splines by drawing with the mouse at runtime.
    Fixed some potential errors in the constant speed interpolation.
    Smooth value is now a slider and shows results in realtime for easier use.
    Further small changes to make compatible with Unity 5.0
    Made changes for latest Unity 5 beta to fix any import warnings.
    Fixed exception when adding a new curve to a shape.
    The Clone Spline layer now works with the spline twist values.
    Fixed exception when adding a new curve to a shape.
    Added option to Spline Tube Mesh to flip normals for inside tubes.
    Added option to Spline Box Mesh to flip normals for inside box tubes.
    Added option to Spline Ribbon Mesh to flip normals.
    Imported SXL splines will now no longer change values to centre the spline.
    Imported SVG splines will now no longer change values to centre the spline.
    Added Centre Shape button to Shapes Inspector to allow you move the pivot to the centre of all the points.
    Added new InterpCurve3D method which will return the postion, twist and also rotation quaternion for a point on a spline.
    Autocurve now does the first and last handles on open splines.
    Added ‘Update on Drag’ option to MegaShape inspector, if checked spline meshes will update as you drag, off then they will update when dragging stops.
    Fixed inspector for spline animations so buttons aren’t hidden.
    Added option to MegaCache Obj to update the mesh collider if one is present.
    Fixed a bug in the Copy Object method where normals might not be copied correctly depending on settings.
    Added a runtime folder option for OBJ Cache files, cache files for standalone builds need to be copied the data folder for the build after the Unity build.
    Fixed mouse offset issue in dynamic ripple modifier if using a box collider which has a non zero center value.
    Added new modifier, Conform Modifier that supports multiple targets.
    Added option to OBJ Cache inspector for Name Split character.
    Fixed potential memory leak in OBJ Cache system
    Fixed image base OBJ Seq mesh not appearing when project loaded until it is animated.
    Fixed final warning for importing asset into Unity 5.x project.
    Fixed bug meaning bilinear option in Dynamic ripple could not be unchecked.
    Made changes to OBJ importer to work with odd OBJ files such as ones with no normals etc
    Frames slider appears correctly when selecting a cache file for the first time
    Added beta of the MegaCache OBJ cache system, this will be the basic version of the system in the full MegaCache asset
    Fixed MegaPaint so it imports into Unity 5.x with no changes needed
    Doubled the speed of the Attractor modifier
    Added a limit option to the Attractor modifier to limit range of the effect and help improve performance.
    Repulse mode in Attractor modifier now works correctly.
    Added simple demo scene for the Attractor modifier.
    MegaFiers now imports into Unity 5.x with no changes required.

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