MegaShapes Update

Just submitted v1.94 of MegaShapes to the Asset Store and to our own store page. This brings some improvements to the spline editing and a series of bug fixes and some changes for the upcoming release of Unity 5.0.

Changes since v1.90
    Fixed exception in Terrain Carve if no Loft Layer selected.
    Fixed exception if you loaded a spline file with fewer splines in it to a shape that was being used by a loft that used a deleted spline
    Fixed an exception bug when duplicating layers.
    Updated code for Unity 5.x
    Autocurve now does the first and last handles on open splines.
    Small fix for Unity 4.x where loft layers were not updating when a spline was edited.
    Fixed Path Follow script so it works correctly with spline twist.
    Fixed Path Follow script so offset and extra rotation work correctly in all cases.
    Added ‘Update on Drag’ option to MegaShape inspector, if checked spline meshes or lofts will update as you drag, off then they will update when dragging stops, for complex lofts this makes it easier to edit splines.
    Fixed issues when creating a Clone Spline simple layer from the popup window. ie path and objects not being set
    Fixed inspector for spline animations so buttons aren’t hidden.

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