MegaFiers Update

Just uploaded an update for MegaFiers, since the last update post this brings some fixes to the path follow script and a helper script for moving rigid bodies along splines. Also Made some changes for the up coming Unity 5.0 release and have added the new Bezier Attractor modifier beta which is handy for doing breaking waves.

Changes since v2.78
    Added option to the dynamic ripple modifier to use a readable greyscale texture as obstructions for the ripples.
    Made changes to code to stop warnings from Undo system on Unity 5.x
    New modifier added, Bezier Attractor.
    MegaWrap now works with Create Mega Prefab, Beta feature, works with tested objects on Unity 3.5.
    Path Follow script updated to use spline twist values.
    Path Follow script updated to have offset and rotation values.
    Added example script MegaShapeRBodyPath.cs to show how to connect an RBody to a spline, the rbody can then be moved along the spline using a force.

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