MegaBook improved content system

We have been adding more example content maker scripts to Megabook, the latest one allows you to use multiple mesh objects to build your page content, so you just layout each pages content using whatever text system and meshes you like with any number of materials, then using the helper script you select the parent object for each page layout and the book builder will do the rest automatically combining all the meshes and materials it finds under the parent and adding it to the page mesh so that the content will bend and turn with the page. So you can now layout your text in anyway you like using any text system you wish and add in images.

The text in the example above was generated using Text Mesh Pro which is an excellent Signed Distance Field text system for Unity with a ton of rendering options, and as it uses SDF the text will remain crisp and sharp no matter how closely you zoom in, also Text Mesh Pro allows for easy coloring of text and a load of other special effects so making it the perfect partner to MegaBook for creating your content. You can though as mentioned above use any system that builds a mesh.

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