MegaBook update now add text to your pages.

We have released an update to the MegaBook system for Unity which allows you to add custom meshes to each page of your book, the main use for this is to add dynamic text to the book system as opposed to just using textures for each page. The system makes use of a helper class so can be used be any text mesh system, in the example below I used the free Typogenic system but you could use TTFText of Text mesh Pro etc. You can also add more than just text meshes, you could add any sort of embellishment to each page. We have also added a hard front and back cover system so you can add nice leather bound jackets to your books.

Example of text using Typogenic


Changes in v1.14
    Improvements to the Dynamic mesh system.
    Example dynamic mesh script for using Typogenic to add text to book pages
    Removed a debug line.
    Added beta of system to allow any mesh data to be added to each page as it is built, for example adding text to the page.
    MegaBookDynamicMesh component added, use this class to provide the mesh data the book builder asks for.
    Added simple example of dynam mesh to the demo scene book. Docs and video coming.
    Removed Debug script from object in test scene.
    Added beta of hard front and back cover system for your books.

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