MegaShapes Update

Multi Mat Complex
Just submitted an update to the asset store. This adds the beta of the new Multi Material version of the complex loft so you can now have any number of different cross sections along your loft with different materials defined. There is no error checking at the moment on material ids so you need to make sure the cross section splines have the same number of knots in them and the material ids match. I added a method in the extra functions section in the inspector to allow you to copy ids from the previous spline so you don’t have to go through every spline in a shape setting the ids for each one.

The terrain carving works with the new layer but at the moment conforming does not work that will be in the next update. We also made some improvements to the carving system making it a little easier to use. The spline system has had some little extras added such as hiding the origin handle as it did get in the way of some knots sometimes and added a snap option to the knot and handle movement.

And there are a few bug fixes as well.

Changes in v1.84
    The gizmos for Complex Loft now align correctly if twist mode active.
    Added beta of the new Multi Material Complex loft layer.
    Copy Knot IDs function added to extra functions section of Shapes inspector. Copies ids from the previous spline in the shape.
    Terrain carve works with new Multi Mat complex layer
    Terrain carve left and right scale values now dont effect one another.
    Fixed a bug when Calc up was on on Clone Rules layer causing meshes to deform.
    Knot index now shown in the inspector for easier editing.
    Toogle added for drawing the orgin handle that moves all the knots.
    Added snap option when positioning knots
    Added snap option when positioning knot handles.

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