MegaShapes Terrain Carve

A new feature we have just added to MegaShapes for the next update, now you can have your terrains match perfectly to your MegaShapes lofts with a click of a button, the system will match up whatever terrain you have so that the sides of your loft blend in nicely. You have complete control over the distance the blend happens as well as the profile of the blend. So now making race tracks or any other game level with MegaShapes is even easier and more fun. Also remember the system also includes the option to have your loft conform to the terrain, so you can easily meet in the middle if you wish, ie make a flat track then conform that a little to your terrain then carve the rest. It is up to you, you have complete freedom to experiment as everything is procedural. Even while your game is running you can have the the terrain adjust so making track or level editors easy. And again as everything is procedural you can adjust the number of vertices depending on the system the game is running on, or have your levels be built at runtime so making your games much smaller and load faster.

Terrain Blend Video

Terrain Carve

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