MegaShapes Update

We have just released version 1.81 of MegaShapes to the AssetStore and our website. This brings the beta version of the new Multi Material Layer that is shown in the images and videos above, allowing for lofts to have multiple materials in a single layer so making it a lot easier to build more interesting lofts such as the race track in the image which uses just two splines and a single loft layer. You have complete control over the density of the mesh produced so making it easy to change the vertex count for different platforms, or for building sections of track at different detail settings to make lod objects etc.

We have also made the spline system a little friendlier to use such as adding buttons to flatten splines or remove all twist angles from a spline and added an easing option for the twist angles to get a smoother transition between angles.

Also we will be increasing the price of the system a little in the near future so if you are thinking of making a purchase don’t wait too long.

Video Showing how to use the new Loft Layer

Multi Layer Video

Changes in v1.81
    Added new race track demo scene
    Fixed twist angles not being calculated correctly for out of range values on closed splines.
    When adding a new knot it will now use the ID and Twist value from the previous knot
    Added a Flatten button to the inspector so you can quickly flatten any spline
    Added a Remove twist button to the inspector to reset any twists on a spline
    Added a SetHeight method to the API so you can quickly set all knots and handles for spline to the same height
    Added a SetTwist method to the API so you can quickly set all the knots in a spline to the same twist angle
    Added option to choose easing mode for twist values, either Linear or Sine at the moment.
    Added id values to the spline knots.
    Added beta of new Loft Layer, this uses the new knot id values to assign different materials to the cross section, this allows a simple loft to easily have different materials applied.
    Context Menum Help now works for Complex and Multi Mat layers
    Demo scenes tidied up

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