New MegaShapes Loft Layer

Multi Material Layer

First look at a new layer type being added to our MegaShapes system, the track in this image is built with a single loft from one path spline and one cross section spline, all the materials and textures are added and blended by the new Multi Material layer.

The new Multi Material layer allow you to define a material per spline section and the vertex color system in MegaShapes also allows you to blend multiple textures on each of those textures. The track is one single mesh procedurally created and easily editable in the editor or at runtime. You can off course make use of the other layer types on the system to add more detail, ie crash barriers, trees, place objects etc. We will be adding a video showing how the track was built very soon.

multimat3 multimat1

Video showing the new Layer

Multi Layer Video

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