MegaWires Update

We have just released an update to the asset store and on our website. This brings an improvement to the Plant Poles system where it will not preserve the existing wire params if you update the pole planter params, so before if you built a wire and then adjusted all the physics params etc then changed a pole planter way point those settings were reset, now they aren’t making it much nicer to tweak things. Also if you had added you own child objects under the plant poles objects they were destroyed, now they aren’t.

Changes in v1.03
    Wire window now shows arrows and spacing details.
    Pole Planter now preserves wire settings if you change any settings on exisiting wire.
    Pole Planter will only delete Wire objects from the children list so you can add your own child objects without them getting destroyed if you update the Pole Planter settings
    Objects attached to planted poles will now work correctly if plant poles values change.


  • web76


    Hi, is it possible to use this as crane wires, also with collision on the wires? And also be able to lift heavy weights? The cranes are also dynamic.

  • spookycat


    MegaWires is designed to really just do dynamic wires for things like telegraph poles or cable cars etc, for cranes you would need a proper rope/chain system, there is a rope system in the MegaShapes package or other such systems on the asset store.

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