First Look at our new MegaWires system

Mega Wires
MegaWires is a new editor extension for the Unity Game Engine we will be releasing very soon, it allows for easy setting up of dynamic physics controlled wires in your scenes to add a little extra detail and movement to your games.

The system uses a custom physics system to simulate the high tension wires you get between telegraph poles and electrical pylons. The system includes 42 different poles to get you started but you can add your own poles and pylons very easily. You have complete control over the complexity of the physics used to simulate the system as well as over the meshes it produces. You can have Wind effects added to cause your wires to sway about and there are helper scripts to allow objects to be hung or attached to the the wires in the scene.

The system is optimized for game use with built in options to disable the whole system or parts, as well as a LOD system to turn the physics off on spans based on distance but with automatic waking up of the physics if a pole would say fall over in your scene.

More videos will be added showing the features of the physics and wind systems, the meshing options and the other helper scripts included with the MegaWires package.

Introduction to MegaWires

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MegaWires Physics and Meshing basic options

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