MegaFiers v2.51 Released

Conform Modifier
Just done another update to MegaFiers that is in the Asset Store and on our webstore now, this sees a bug fix for the system that shows the vertex mapping debug info for when a morph fails to map correctly, this helps you see what is causing the error. And we have added a beta of a new modifier, the conform system we added to MegaShapes is now in MegaFiers as a modifier, so you can easily conform one mesh onto another so for example you could have a flat road mesh and want to lay that over a terrain or a ground mesh, the conform modifier will do that for you. Below you can see a video showing the modifier as well as one showing the conform system working in the full version of MegaShapes. You can more info on the Conform modifier on its Help Page

Conform Video

Click to Play

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