Updates to MegaFiers, MegaShapes and MegaGrab

We have had a busy week with updates to MegaFiers, MegaShapes and MegaGrab being released.

MegaFiers Update

The updates to MegaFiers sees a couple of bug fixes along with the removal of warning messages that have appeared when the system is imported into Unity 4.1 onwards. The Maya blendshape exporter is seeing a few improvements, we still have one more thing we need to add but waiting to hear from Autodesk.

Changes in v2.50
    MegaGrab disabled for platforms that do not support it.
    Fixed all warnings when importing into Unity 4.1 onwards
    Fixed a bug in the dynamic ripple causing an error when changing physics rows and col values.
    Small change to dynamic ripple to work with Unity 4.2 better, box collider not being detected sometimes.
    Maya exporter update to handle multiple targets (targets must be present in Maya)
    Maya exporter update current blendshape weights now exported instead of being set to 0

MegaShapes Update

The MegaShapes also sees some small bug fixes and a major issue has been fixed with Unity 4.1 onwards where layers could not be selected correctly in the inspector.

Changes in v1.57
    MegaGrab removed if platform is not webplayer or standalone.
    Fixed warnings that have appeared in Unity 4.x
    Fixed a bug that give exceptions if you used scatter layers with a complex loft.
    Made changes for Unity 4.1 onwards that stopped you being able to select layers correctly in the inspector.

MegaGrab Update

We have just added the ability to grab sequences of images all using the upscaling and AA values if you want so you can render out a sequence of very high quality high res anti aliased images which you can then join together using your favorite software to build an HD or even 4k video of your game. The help page on the website has also been updated to show the changes and the new inspector for MegaGrab.

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