MegaFiers v2.47 Released, Windows App & Phone compatible

We have just released v2.47 of MegaFiers on the Asset Store and our webstore. The main change is MegaFiers is now compatible with Windows App and Windows Phone, we have also added the start of morph animation (and soon point cache) blending so you can have nice smooth transitions between your morph anim clips, if you use PlayClip methods but with a second param which is the transition time, this is in alpha so if you do have a play and see any issues please do let us know and if you have any suggestions again please do tell us. Other changes are an extra param to the Sinus Curve modifiers to allow you to change the wave length, the morph inspector has been made more compact for easier use when you have a lot of morph channels, Warp objects can now be created from the GameObject menu, a bug in the wrap system which could stop the system working when a mesh was wrapped onto a non skinned target, and finally the demo scene has been tidied up a little to remove the errors that Unity 4.x users would get when the scene was converted.

Changes v2.47
    Added wave length value to Sinus Curve and Sinus Curve warp modifier
    Warp objects can be created from the Game Object Create other menu now.
    Compact mode in Morph inspector even more compact
    Fixed a bug in mega wrap that might stop it wrapping onto non skinned meshes.
    Now compatible with Windows App and Phone
    Alpha of Animation blending in Morph Animator, use PlayClip(clip, blendtime) or PlayClip(clipname, blendtime)
    Fixed some issues in the demo scene.

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