Android Benchmark on Google Play Store

We have published on the Google Play store a quick Benchmark demo for the MegaFiers mesh modifier system. You can use this to look at some of the deformations available in the system as well as to see the performance on various devices.

The demo scene contains 100,000 vertices in the 7 heads so it is very much a stress test of the system on mobile devices so you can get an idea of the performance of the system on your device, but as I say bare in mind each head is 15,000 vertices.

You can turn the animation on each head on and off by tapping the head, or you can turn off a head completely by tapping and holding. The frame rate for the scene is shown in the top left corner along with the timing of the frame. You also have options to enable the multitasking in MegaFiers to increase performance and also toggle shadows on and off. Note: Shadows can be very slow on lower end devices.

This is version 1 of the Benchmark, we will be adding more modifiers and different scenes to try in future updates, please do report any bugs and let us know any FPS you would like to share.

You can get the Demo on the Google Play Store

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