MegaFiers 2.46 released

We have just released a new version of MegaFiers on the Asset Store and on our website. This brings a couple of bug fixes such as labels for splines and warps appearing on screen when they are behind the camera and a few small fixes to the Book script to keep pages flat and add mouse and key control. This release also sees 7 new Warp modifiers added for you to play with, they work just like their normal modifier versions but operate in space so any objects bound to the warp will deform as they get closer to the warp. We also added a very early test of a new modifier that will allow impact and crater like deformations but this is a very early version added as a request from a user so they can test it.

Now this version is out we can focus some attention on the Prefab system, this has been a bit of a nightmare to get working as each new version of Unity has broken the serialization methods we use to create the prefabs, but we are going to start again from scratch so the next update should see a greatly improved and properly working Prefab and object copy system implemented.

Changes in v2.46
    You can disable the Unity undo feature per modifier this may increase the inspector speed on slower machines not using Unity 4.3
    Text Labels no longer display if they are behind the camera.
    Added new Globe Warp modifier, which is the Globe modifier but as a space warp.
    Added new Waving warp modifier.
    Added new Sinus Curve warp modifier.
    Added new Hump Warp modifier.
    Added new Cylindrify Warp modifier.
    Added new Spherify Warp modifier.
    Added new Bubble Warp modifier.
    Added Deformable modifier for doing collision and crater type effects (alpha version only for testing)
    Book script improved, pages should lay flat when pages controlled by keys.

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