MegaFiers 2.45 released

We have just released version 2.45 of MegaFiers on the Asset Store and on our web store, this is a small release while we work on some new features and bigger improvements to the systems. This update fixes an issue in the Point Cache importer that could give Mapping failures on some meshes and while we were at it we add the mapping tolerance value to the inspector so if you were using very large meshes (size wise not vertex count wise) then you could increase the tolerance value if the cache file does not map. Also we added the ability to view the mapping data so if a mapping does fail you can view the imported data compared to the mesh data to see what it is that has caused the problem so making it easier to fix. From experience it is almost always due to the first frame of the cache file not matching the imported mesh.

Also we got a couple of requests to add speed values to the Animator components so you can control the animation speed/direction of the Morph or Point cache clips, each clip can have its own speed value.

Changes in v2.45
    Added ability to view mapping data for point cache modifier to help fix mapping issues.
    Fixed a bug in the point cache importer which was causing mapping failures on some meshes.
    Add tolerance value to Point Cache modifier so if you get mapping failures try increasing this.
    Speed option add to Point Cache Animator Clips
    Speed option add to Morph Animator Clips

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