MegaFiers & ZBrush Blendshapes

This video shows blendshapes/morphs created in ZBrush being used in Unity via the MegaFiers mesh deformation system. The video shows the blendshapes being exported to Maya via the built in Maya Blend Shape export plugin. You can also use the FBX files exported from ZBrush to load the same data into Max or Maya. Our custom blendshape exporter is then used to export the blendshape data to a .mor file which can then be loaded into Unity. The exporter will also export any animation you may add to the blendshapes in Max or Maya.

In this example the teeth and gums are separate models and we added a simple script to the lower jaw that looks at some of the morph channels and automatically changes the rotation of the jaw to match the movement of the bottom lip. We hope to upload a webplayer demo of the deforming heads soon.

ZBrush Blendshapes Video

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