Exporters Updated

We have made some improvements and done some bug fixes to the various exporters for MegaFiers. The 2013 and 2014 Max exporters would crash when exporting progressive morphs as well as not correctly exporting target percents and names, so that has bee fixed. The Blender exporter had a small typo that caused a crash if your morph had no animations. And finally the Maya exporters were not correctly exporting the selected BlendShape instead they were exporting all blendshapes, this would be fine for most cases where you had one object in the scene, but if you had a complex morphing character then it would not work so well. Please note to select the BlendShape you can not just click it in the viewport you need to click the ‘Select’ button in the BlendShape attributes panel.

Changes in 2.44

    Fixed error in the Blender exporter if your morph had no animations.
    Fixed Max 2013 and 2014 morph exporters, were crashing on porgressive morph targets.
    Fixed missing names on progressive morph targets on Max 2013 and 14 exporters.
    Fixed missing first target percent value in progressive morphs when using Max 2013 and 14 exporters.
    Maya exporter updated so only selected blendshape is exported instead of all blendshapes.