Terrain Plugin update and Max 2014 Support

We have just uploaded a small update to the plugin, this sees improvements to the KML/KMZ import system so that KML files with single placemarks will now work instead of producing very small or broken terrains. We have also change the mesh building pipeline for KML based terrains so the difference in scaling and size issues that were present have been removed and functions such as Zooming that did no work with kml based terrains will do so now. We have also change the limits on some of the params. And we have the first beta of the plugin for 2014 versions of Max.

    KML and KMZ importer has been improved, will now work correctly with single placemarks, and scaling of the resulting import will be correct.
    In previous versions KML based terrains did not zoom correctly and used a different system to build the terrains, this has now been removed so uses the same pipeline as normal terrains, so functions such as zooming work correctly on KML based terrains. NOTE this could cause exisiting KML based terrains to change size dependant on settings.
    Some of the limits on params have been raised
    Bet version of 2014 version