Mega Terrain for Unity First look

This is the first look at our Terrain system running inside Unity. The system allows for easy generation of real world terrains from DEM data. The data is automatically streamed so all the user needs to do is input the coordinates of the place they would like to model and the terrain is generated. You can then scroll around and zoom in and out, or change the gradient coloring and when you are happy the system can be asked to turn the area into a Unity Terrain tile or multiple connected tiles.

This is an early test of the system, we have plenty more features to add as well as the texture grabbing option. The system is already available as a plugin for 3DS Max and comes with scripts to import the data into Unity but this extension to Unity will make life even easier for anyone needing to build real world terrains for simulations or games.


  • pph


    This looks just like what I need as I don't have 3d study Max. Any estimate on when it will be ready for download / purchase?

    • spookycat


      It should not be long until we are ready for the first release, just need to merge the Unity Terrain generation side in with this code and it will be ready.

  • favoyang


    Inspired work! A few question: - Will the system support mobile? - Will the system support offline usage? like pre-cache a region data (ship with binary) so it will never need to visit network? - Who is going to hosing the DEM data service. Is that big?

    • spookycat


      The system generates Unity terrains at the end of the day so it will be compatible with all platforms that support that as well as all the extra shaders and systems that are available for Terrains in Unity. The files are cached onto your machine so they are only downloaded once, the entire elevation set at the moment is a little over 20GB and is hosted by the USGS, we do have our own server hosting as well, and we plan to add new data sources to that.

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