Using the Terrain Plugin with Unity

I have been doing some custom scripts for Unity to make using the data generated by the plugin very easy. It allows easy importing of the elevation data and will apply the texture if you want it to, you can scroll around the data, zoom in and the texture will move correctly etc, you can also change the terrain detail level. If anyone has any suggestions or features please do let me know. A video of the new system is below.


  • web76


    Any chance we can import our own DEM data, have DATA for Norway, that is not covered in ordenary bases. Also the textures looks so uniform with you, did you photoshop them, on my google earth it is a loot of squares in the textures,(comming from that the texture is generated another day in google)

  • spookycat


    Currently we just use the standard DEM data, we are looking at adding different data streams but currently we have no direct option to load files but in theory it could be added quite easily. On the texture front all the textures are taken directly from GE no touching up, sometimes you can find a more even set of imagery in GE if you use the historic imagery option or look for other KML sources of imagery such as NASA Blue Marble overlays etc.

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