Added a Demos Section

No updates this time though we are working on a very handy new addition to MegaFiers which will open up some interesting new options for the system especially for Avatar systems etc. But we have added a Demo section to the main menu bar on the left, we will be adding more of demos here as they become available, currently there are two to try in the there, the old Playroom demo and the MegaFlier demo but more will be added over the coming months. So if you haven’t already seen the demos either click the images below or the Demo link on the menu bar.

MegaFlier Demo

Press ‘H’ to get the help page up for the controls.

Playroom Demo

F1 to F4 changes camera modes, with mouse and WASDEC keys changing the position and direction, mouse wheel will zoom, F8 toggles dynamic curtains, and cursor keys will change the camera targets.

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