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Welcome to Racing Legends, a new concept in motor sport simulation. Whether you are new to ‘Simulation Racing’ or have been doing it for years we believe you will like what we have to offer.


If you are an experienced ‘Sim Racer’ we think we have the product for you but if you have never tried a Racing Simulation now would be a great time to start!


The Concept

Racing Legends is a new concept in the world of motorsport simulation. It is not a single product but a racing system that expands and evolves with you, your interests and your computer.


All existing motor racing simulations conform to a standard format i.e. you have a choice from a set number of cars, a set number of tracks and the feature list is set. Racing Legends has no such limitations. It has been designed as an expandable and evolutionary product. You choose what cars, tracks and features you want to include.


As well as being expandable Racing Legends has been conceived and designed as a sophisticated racing simulation and will appeal to racing professionals and racing enthusiasts alike. 


 Buying Racing Legends is only the beginning, the possibilities for it after that are endless.


The Expected Audience

We have 3 groups that we are targeting with Racing Legends;


Racing Professionals

Experienced Simulation Racers

The Novice


The first 2 groups are fairly obvious. We believe the level of sophistication of Racing Legends will allow racing professionals to make use of it as a useful training and familiarization tool and that this degree of realism will attract current simulation racers who are looking for a simulation and not a game.


The 3rd group is a little harder. These are people that are either simply unaware that such a product exists or have been put off by previous 'simulation' titles.


Previous racing 'games', as we should call them, have all been designed for the mass home computer market and have very little in them that would appeal to a serious racing fan. As Racing Legends has been designed from the ground up for the more serious racer we hope that it will change some peoples minds about what is possible and introduce a whole new group to the world of Simulation Racing.  


The Expansion Packs

When you buy Racing Legends you get the core of the simulation. To this you can add more cars and tracks as they become available as well as new feature sets. This allows you to customise the simulation to your particular needs.


For the more serious racer we have expansion packs such as real-time telemetry and enhanced workshop/set-up options. For the ‘Sim Racer’ we have real-time interactive pit stops and realistic dirt and damage effects and for the more casual driver we can offer time of day/weather effects and a replay-editing suite to review your laps.


For a more in depth look at some of the expansion packs planned please CLICK HERE.  


The User Manual

Like the software, the user manual for Racing Legends is also expandable. Each expansion pack will come with its own set of instructions that can be added easily to the existing manual. (For more information about the manual please see the expansion pack section)