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Some of your questions answered.

Some of the more frequent questions that we are asked are answered below. If you have a query, which is not covered here or in the rest of this information pack, then please email us and we shall do our best to help.


What is Racing Legends?

Racing Legends is a Motor Sport simulator for the IBM PC. It is a high-end professional quality simulator designed for racing professionals as well as serious motor sport and simulation racing enthusiasts.


Why is it different?

Racing Legends has been designed from the start to be a serious simulator for racing professionals and serious enthusiasts. Being a totally independent company we do not have a publisher trying to shape the product for the mass market and can therefore include any features we like.


Racing Legends has been designed to be expandable and to evolve. This allows the user to tailor the simulator to their own personal taste.


What is an 'evolutionary' product?

An evolutionary software title is one that develops over time, being the subject of a continual program of reviews and updates. This means that you do not have to worry about your investment becoming outdated (a common problem in the software industry!)


Why is Racing Legends evolutionary?

Normally, when you  buy a racing simulator you get a limited set of features, cars and tracks. This is all well and good but you may never drive some of the included cars, or race some of the tracks and some of the features may not even be desirable to you. Unfortunately, you do not get a choice. This is not the case with Racing Legends.


When you purchase Racing Legends you will get a backbone, a central hub, to this you can choose to purchase more features, tracks, cars and a range of complimentary products. This allows you to customise the product to your own personal taste.


What motor sport does it simulate?

As the simulator can be expanded it will eventually evolve to simulate all forms of motor racing. You simply purchase the appropriate expansion pack when it is available.


Where can I buy it?

You will not find Racing Legends in the shops. You will be able to purchase it from this website directly, by mail order or at selected motor sport events and venues.


When will it be ready?

We expect to launch our first product later this year. We will be introducing a beta test programme for all those who cannot wait for the finished article. More information on this will be available on our website.


How much will it cost?

The price has not yet been finalised. It will be more expensive than titles available in stores. Racing Legends is a specialist product that will not attract the same number of sales as a mass-market product. It is also a very sophisticated title and this will be reflected in its price.


Can I create my own cars and tracks?

Yes. We will be making available all the information needed to be able to create your own cars and tracks as well as some resources and tutorials to make it easier for you.


Will there be a demo available?

Yes we hope to make a limited demo after our beta test programme is complete. More information about how you can become part of the beta test programme will be available on this web site in the near future.


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