Introducing the concept behind Racing Legends

Description of some of the key features of Racing Legends

Information about the Racing Legends expansion packs

Some of the more frequently asked questions answered


The Cars

Probably the most obvious feature of Racing Legends is the detail and quality of the cars. A lot of time and effort is spent ensuring that the cars are as accurate as possible. We work from the cars blueprints and, where possible, from the actual cars themselves where every part of the car is measured and photographed to ensure the best possible reproduction.


How We Make The Cars

After a car has been chosen we gather every piece of information we can about that car. Normally we will have access to the car and from this we can measure and photograph every component.


We start modeling with the chassis and attach each new component to this. Even parts of the car that, normally, would never be seen are modelled, such as fuel tanks and the internal components of the engine, the reason being that the cars and engines can be dismantled and every part checked for wear and damage. Each system of the car can be examined independently to locate problem areas and then dismantled for closer examination.


The parts of the car are then 'wired' together so that they function properly e.g. turning the steering wheel turns the front wheels, pressing the accelerator adjusts the carburetor, touching the brake pedal activates the brake lights etc.


If there is an adjustment that can be made on the real car then it can be made on our models. If you wanted to change the front anti roll bar or change the camber or caster of the suspension then you can do so and each of these changes will affect the way the car behaves. It is therefore possible to be able to use Racing Legends as a tool to test suspension set-ups away from the track.


With Racing Legends it is possible to learn a lot about how these cars work and how they are put together.


Driver or Mechanic?

It is also possible to swap components between cars. So you could try a new carburetor or indeed even change the engine for a whole new one. This makes it possible for those who prefer preparing and fixing cars to driving them to enjoy using Racing Legends.



A later expansion pack is a sophisticated damage model that will see your car bend and break if you have an accident. However each component of the car, although not visible, can be damaged and worn out. Damage and wear can be caused by accidents or by heavy or prolonged driving. For the first time in a driving simulator a driver who is kind on his car and tyres will benefit later in a race. This is always overlooked and usually means that drivers who over rev their engines, flat spot their tyres, ride the kerbs or who regularly make contact with other drivers may no longer do so well.


It is also important that your cars be regularly examined and checked for damage and wear. For those drivers who don't want to have to concern themselves with maintaining their cars they can either find a friendly mechanic or get the computer to check the car for them, although some online leagues may not permit computer checking.


Real Cockpits

The level of detail also extends into the cockpit of the cars. Every switch, knob and lever of the real cars cockpit is re-created and can be operated using either the keyboard or mouse.


Likewise all the gauges, dials and warning lights are fully functioning and during racing, other than listening to your engine, are your only means of knowing the condition of your car.