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Expansion Packs

One of the key features to the hopeful success of Racing Legends will be its expandability. The core of the simulator has been designed to allow it to be added to very easily. Over time Racing Legends will expand to include all forms of motor sport and beyond. Whatever your preferred form of motor sport we are confident you will find something to satisfy you and allow you to customise Racing Legends to your own taste.  


The Packs Themselves

Each pack comes in a clear protective sheath containing an envelope inside which is an E-Card CD-Rom and a catalogue. Some packs may contain extra items. Accompanying this will be a new section for your user manual. This will contain all the necessary instructions and information about your new pack.  


A Racing Legends E-Card CD-Rom, E-Card envelope and leather wallet.

Car packs will include set-up guides, the cars history and some technical information. Track packs will have a track map, a circuit guide showing the best line to take as well as braking points etc. and a lap time chart to allow you to record your best times. Other packs will contain pages with information specific to that particular pack.


Other Accessories

Over time your user manual should expand to contain pages of useful and interesting information. Should your binder become full you can either remove unwanted pages or purchase further binders.  


We will have available a wide range of binders for you to choose from ranging from economy plastic, through stylish modern composite materials to high quality, embossed leather binders.


In addition to the binders we can also provide a wide range of accessories to go inside such as plastic sleeves to safely store your E-Cards, dividers to organise the contents and various specialised pages to record car set-ups, best lap times, race dates etc.


In addition to the binders we can also supply wallets to store your E-Cards separately. Again available in separate styles these are a stylish way to protect your collection from damage.


Some car packs can function as stand alone titles thus making them available to everyone but to get the most from them they should be used in conjunction with Racing Legends.


With each car pack being individually designed and a number of Special and Limited Editions planned, we believe these have the potential to become very collectable. The modern day cigarette card.


Planned Packs

In addition to more cars and tracks, some of the expansion packs that are currently planned include;


Rally Legends

Land Speed Legends (Ahhh, that number 5 pic makes sense now eh?)

Drag Legends

Hill Climb Legends

The above packs add to Racing Legends allowing it to simulate these forms of motor sport.


Damage & Dirt

Time of Day & Weather Effects

Wind Tunnel & Advanced Aerodynamics

Interactive Pit stops

Real-time Telemetry

Safety Car, Emergency Vehicle & Marshal Pack

Mechanic & Workshop

Replay Editing Suite

League Organiser Packs

We also hope to release Special Events Packs that re-create all the atmosphere and detail of specific motor races.