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Key Features

There are a number of key features in Racing Legends that we believe will make it appealing to not only experienced simulation racers but also racing professionals and racing enthusiasts. Some of the more important and exciting features are described below.


Attention to Detail

An immense amount of effort has gone into designing Racing Legends to make it as realistic and as convincing as possible. We believe the secret of achieving this is attention to detail. There is no feature that we consider too small to include. It may not be in the initial release, but it will make it into future packs.


Accurate Physics

Probably the single most important feature of Racing Legends and the one feature that on its own makes this product stand out from the rest. Other racing simulators have claimed to have real physics but simple tests show this is not the case. Many years have been spent developing and refining the physics in Racing Legends and we are confident that you will not only notice the difference but that you will agree it drives and reacts totally naturally.


Highly Detailed Cars

Easily the most noticeable feature of Racing Legends is the quality and the detail in our cars. Every system on the car has been recreated and can be examined, tuned and repaired.


Accurate Tracks

As with the cars a lot of effort goes into creating tracks for Racing Legends. We concentrate on reproducing the racing surface as accurately as possible. We try to include all bumps, dips, surface changes, cambers and elevation changes. We also try to include as many trackside objects and features as possible so that the driver has plenty of visual clues to judge their braking, turn-in, apex and exit points.



A feature unique to Racing Legends is its built in ability for expansion. This will ensure that it remains at the cutting edge of simulation technology. As machines get faster and new hardware appears Racing Legends can adapt quickly to make full use of the new technology. Add to this an increasing database of cars and tracks and an ever expanding feature set and you can be sure that Racing Legends will be a product that will withstand the test of time.


Designed For Online & Network Play

Racing Legends has been designed to be raced either online or on a network. You can race multiplayer on one machine but it is the human v human racing over the Internet that should appeal to most people. We are including scrutineering code to prevent cheating and can supply software and support for setting up online Racing Leagues and Championships. We also have a spectator mode that will allow those not actually racing to watch the action live.


Wear, Tear and Damage

Previously in racing simulations drivers do not suffer if they abuse their engine, ride their brakes or overheat or flat spot their tyres. In Racing Legends this is not the case. Every component of your car wears down over time and can be damaged so a driver that nurses their car will perform better later in a race than a driver who throws caution to the wind.



For the first time in a racing simulator it could be an advantage to build a race team. There will be endurance races, which will require at least 2 drivers and a pit crew to perform the real-time pit stops. Added to this can be mechanics whose job will be to prepare the car for the race as well as fixing any problems that occur during the event. Also beneficial will be a race engineer, someone good at setting the car up to get the most from it.


Modeled Engine Sounds

Rather than play a recording of an engine Racing Legends actually models the sounds of any engine. This provides a much more flexible and realistic sound and allows the driver to detect when there is a fault with their engine.


Hardware Support

We aim to support any piece of hardware that will add to the simulation experience. We are already working closely with a number of companies developing and supporting new hardware.