Texture Grab in Terrain plugin not working.

Make sure you have copied the TerrainLink.exe file into the same folder as the plugin dlo file, and also make sure you are using the full version of TerrainLink.exe and not the version included with the demo plugin.
This is likely due to you using Google Earth 7, Google changed something in version 7 which means the correct registry keys for the plugin are not present, if you uninstall GE 7 then install GE 6 from Google then that will correct the registry entries, you can then install GE 7 again if you want but we recommend the use of GE 6 as it has the option to disable the terrain data which makes for faster grabs.
If you are using Windows 10 and the grab is not working then make sure you are running Google Earth in Windows 7 mode and also run Google Earth as Administrator.
Finally if you are not getting a grab try switching Google Earth between Directx and OpenGL modes.