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Author Topic: Version 1.11 released to the Asset Store
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Post Version 1.11 released to the Asset Store
on: July 13, 2012, 13:10

Version 1.11 of MegaShapes is in the Asset Store, the changes since first release are:

  • Issues a warning if a Loft Object will generate too many vertices.
  • Fixed bug in uv mapping calculation on Simple Loft Layer.
  • Added a global Offset value to Clone Layer
  • Added a global Offset value to Clone Simple Layer
  • Added a global Offset value to Clone Spline Layer
  • Changed the up calculation to make it consistent between when up is calculated and when its not, may need to change your rotations if you see old clones rotated.
  • Fixed bug where you could not close the Main Params foldout
  • Bug fixed of shapes not being created when active scene port wasn’t selected.
  • Bug fixed that stopped scatter layers moving if surface object rotated or moved.
  • Error checking when objects without meshes are selected added.
  • Added error dialog when trying to select objects with no meshes.
  • Bug fix for Clone layer not being created from the Layer Create Window fixed.
  • Removed unused layer types.
  • Fixed exception errors when copying loft objects between scenes, you will need to select paths again after copy.
  • Folldouts now have colored buttons to make it easier to see and use.
  • Rebuild Button on Loft object changed to a toggle value.
  • Scatter Layers no longer update it their animation Speed is 0 or the Layer is disabled
  • Added support for Lightmapping of finished loft Objects, a Build Lightmap button as been added to the Loft Object inspector.
  • Modbut class renamed to MegaModBut to avoid naming conflicts.
  • Added missing button to create first cross section on Complex Loft.
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