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Author Topic: Version 2.05 released to the Asset Store
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Post Version 2.05 released to the Asset Store
on: July 13, 2012, 13:04

Version 2.05 of MegaFiers is in the Asset Store now, the changes since version 1.88 are below:

  • Mega Attach now works with skinned meshes
  • Added a gizmo to Dynamic Ripple to show the physics grid
  • Changed Path to System.IO.Path to stop a clash with TDK that has an internal class called 'Path' The author is fixing his code.
  • Added new modifier, Displace Limits, works the same as displace but has a bounding box to limit the area of effect.
  • Updated Dynamic Ripple Modifier to stop errors
  • Dynamic ripple automatically updates its physics system on changing params
  • Added support for box collider instead of just mesh collider for ripple interaction.
  • Added option for different handle types on Shapes as some people reported big slowdowns in 3.5.3
  • Fixed error when trying to do link animation on morph and point cache animators when no animation is present on the object.
  • Bug fixed of objects not being created if a scene view isn't selected.
  • Fixed bug that stopped Util classes being added from MegaFier window to objects with no meshfilter.
  • Added in the missing MegaCurveSculptLayered modifier
  • Relocated MegaWaveMesh script so it is part of the main system, you may need to select the script again if you are using the object in your scene.
  • You can now add channels to a morph by loading other mor files to the same object.
  • Morph mapping sped up.
  • ModBut renamed to MegaModBut to avoid ay potential naming conflicts with other packages
  • Made sliders in Morph Animate script match the min max limits of the channel they control
  • Added Copy Object and Copy Objects button to Inspector to allow creation of new objects that will modify indpendantly
  • FFD Gizmos now respect the Modify Object Draw Gizmo value
  • Copying FFD components now works correctly.
  • Add support for FFD lattices to be animated via the Unity Animation system
  • Curve Sculpt modifier now has layers of curves
  • Curve Sculpt modifier can now be limited to regions of a mesh
  • Can add and delete curves to a shape
  • Shape editor allows you to select the curve to edit
  • Improvements to Shape editing and inspector
  • Fixed a bug in the SetKnot method where tangents weren't being set.
  • Added Curve Sculpt Modifier
  • Spline handles no longer scale with the object
  • FFD handles no longer scale with the object
  • Improvements to the Spline and FFD handle code
  • Improvements to the shape editing code.
  • Undo works better on spline editing
  • Undo and Redo works for all modifiers now
  • Undo on FFD lattice point movements works properly
  • Added collider support to 2D Wave mesh
  • Fixed Copy Object problem with Morphed objects
  • Fixed a very rare point cache exception on some HW.
  • Point cache animator play on start fixed
  • Point cache animator works again, was broken in previous update
  • Added a 2D Wave mesh object
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